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Bollards are a simple way to provide asset protection and to allow the traffic you want in, and also keeping out the traffic you don’t. We can custom make any bollard size that you may want in both Galvanized steel and Stainless steel.

Ideal Applications


We custom build all security bars and doors to suit your premises. These can be done in Steel, Aluminum or Stainless Steel

CustomGates and Fences

Whether you require some fencing or gates for your residential property or some security fencing or gates for your commercial property or yard, we can help.

All our gates and fences are custom made from galvanised steel or Aluminum to suit your property. 

MobileSaw Bench

This is the professional’s choice for handling all lengths of timber on the building site. Made from either galvanised steel or Aluminum, these benches are very durable and strong, and made to last. 

The bench system is made up of two x 2.5m or 3m long roller benches with a centre bench made to accommodate a wide range of tools used on site such as compound mitre saws, drill press’, and cut-off saws. The roller tables and bench are adjustable on all legs making it very easy to set up on uneven or sloping ground. 

We can also custom these benches to suit and requirements you may have.

CustomBike Racks

Bike racks, stands and parking solutions are becoming essential for practicality, safety and security in any public or commercial area such as town centres, workplaces, schools, parks and playgrounds

CustomDairy Shed Trolley

These trolleys are custom made to suit the height of your dairy shed pit. Each trolley has foot operated brakes on both the wall side wheels. Very easy to apply brakes and release with your foot.

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